Cheese roll bites with herbs


Planning to make pizza with sausages ended up with making simple and efortless cheese roll bites with herbs. There are thousands of ways of using cheese. And here is one of them from me.

At first, I wanted to make a pizza for breakfast, but got so lazy that I decided to make a cheese roll that my daughter would also enjoy.

I took a sheet of puff pastry (defreezed beforehand), layered some grated cheese on it and rolled it up.


First I wanted to put it on a baking sheet just like that, but then decided to make small bites, so I cut the rolled pastry into small pieces.


Layed them all on a baking sheet, topped with some cheese leftover and my favourite herbs (some Italian herbs would fit perfectly, but I had just what I had).

cheese-roll-bites cheese-roll-bites cheese-roll-bites

Then just bake it in the oven for 20-25 min until cheese gets golden. That’s it!

Told you, simple as that!

cheese-roll-bites cheese-roll-bites cheese-roll-bites cheese-roll-bites

Bon appetit!