Eyes full of Stars

eyes full of stars

In August, 2015 some very nice friends of mine, who were into astronomy and space, and I made our ways to the country-side to watch the Perseids meteor shower. It was my first time watching stars and especially meteors. That day I saw the Milky Way with my own eyes and my mind was blown away and my heart was full of joy and happiness.

Before that day I wasn’t even thinking that the Milky Way – our galaxy – is just above our heads, all the time. And if you just make a short trek to the country, get out of the car and lift your head up, you will see the world we live in, and you probably will realize how small our problems are. How small WE are in this world. We trully are the dust of stars.

eyes full of starseyes full of stars

After that night I became a different person. My thoughts were different; my attitude towards the life was changed. I started to delve into the subject of astronomy, cosmology, physics and other sciences that could help me understand the world and the life as it is, but not as we perceived it and lived it.

eyes full of stars eyes full of stars

The green line in the photo is the Perseids meteor! I saw a lot of them, but captured only one! Isn’t it gorgeous?


eyes full of stars

And here is the Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest galaxy to our Milky Way. Actually you can see it even with the naked eye! Amazing!


Be curious. Challenge yourself. Read books. Watch good movies. Be kind to one another.